45 Tons Reach Stacker in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s busy port relies on powerful 45-ton reach stackers for efficient container handling. The machine’s lifting capacity and advanced features have proven vital in maintaining the smooth flow of cargo through the port.
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LTMG BLT388H Backhoe Loader in Russia

A Russian client purchased the LTMG BLT388H for earthmoving projects. Equipped with standard H-type legs, it offers high stability for tasks such as sand excavation, digging, material loading, and site leveling. The client reported that using the LTMG BLT388H significantly boosted construction efficiency, making the work easier and more efficient. This collaboration further solidified the client's trust and satisfaction in the LTMG brand.

LTMG 15 Ton Wheel Excavator In Kyrgyzstan

A company from Kyrgyzstan recently purchased an LTMG 15-ton wheeled excavator to meet the demands of its industrial and civil construction projects. This excavator will be used to swiftly and efficiently complete various excavation, earthmoving, and foundation engineering tasks, thereby facilitating urban construction and development. This purchase signifies the company's relentless pursuit of high-quality, reliability, and efficiency equipment to meet its growing project needs.

320 Horsepower Bulldozer in Kazakhstan

In December 2023, LTMG's 320 HP dozer was officially put into service in Kazakhstan.Alex has worked with LTMG many times, but this was his first time to purchase a dozer, and he was completely confident in the quality of the product due to the trust he had gained from working with LTMG many times. The powerful and stable performance of the bulldozer has proven the reliability of LTMG's products.
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Convey the power of Chinese machinery,help the future dream voyage

On April 24, it once again demonstrated its social responsibility at the scholarship distribution ceremony held in the conference room on the fifth floor of the Huaian District Media Center.

May 17,2024

Win-Win Cooperation for Development: Officials from Hexia Town, Huai'an District Visit LTMG for Inspection and Exchange

On the afternoon of March 20, 2024, Wu Zhi, Party Committee Secretary of Hexia Street, Huai'an District, Li Youheng, Deputy Director of Huai'an Municipal Transportation Bureau, Sun Aizhong, Secretary of Qingong Town, Huai'an District, and Gao Liang, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Office, visited LTMG with the company of Liu Wei, President of Huai'an Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen, and Wu Anhua, Vice Secretary-General of the sub-council.

Mar 29,2024

Concentrate Efforts for Better Future: A Day at Tianzhu Mountain of LTMG

To enrich employees' leisure life, relax their minds and bodies, and enhance team cohesion, LTMG Xiamen Group Headquarters organized a fun "frisbee" activity for employees of the R&D Department, Production Department, and International Trade Department in Xiamen Tianzhu Mountain Yehao Camp in March 2024.

Mar 06,2024

Clarification Notice - Regarding Nearsun Scam Website and Impersonated Emails

We have recently discovered that individuals have been impersonating employees of our subsidiary, Nearsun Heavy Machinery Co Ltd, by using forged emails and websites for fraudulent purposes. We would like to clarify that the website www.nearsunltd.com and the associated email address mariaxiang@nearsunltd.com are not affiliated with Nearsun Heavy Machinery Co Ltd. It has come to our attention that this domain was fraudulently registered by an individual named Maria Xiang with the intent to deceive. Please note that Maria Xiang is not an employee of our company but rather a scammer.

Apr 19,2024

Gathering at Canton Fair, Setting Sail in a Prosperous Era: LTMG Participate the 135th Canton Fair

The 135th Canton Fair was officially opened on April 15, 2024, with a warm atmosphere and crowds. As a leading manufacturer of logistics handling and construction machinery equipment in China, the Forklift Team of LTMG Overseas Business Department cherishes every opportunity to talk to the outside world. In the Canton Fair, LTMG showed a variety of forklifts (Booth No. 12.0C31) to meet the diverse needs of customers, showing our brand concept and technical strength to both new and old customers visiting the site!

Apr 15,2024

LTMG Will Participate in the 135th Canton Fair – See You in Guangzhou!

The 135th Canton Fair will be held in Guangzhou, China, from April 15th to May 5th, 2024. As a famous Chinese brand in the engineering machinery industry, LTMG will showcase our latest achievements in logistics and engineering machinery, along with our best-selling new products.

Mar 15,2024


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